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No More Waiting To See A Doctor For Your Health And Medical Needs. You Can Now Get The Most Affordable Online Doctor Visits Through Our Telehealth Services.

Talk To a Real Doctor Today for Just $29. No Hidden Fees. No Copays. No Insurance is Needed.


Medical Services designed for you

We offer a state-of-the-art telemedicine platform to help you make better healthcare decisions.



We make communication quick and easy. With dozens of specialties covered, get reliable medical advice and a second opinion on any of your health issues and concerns under one roof.



After your telehealth visit, we will send your approved medication to a local pharmacy.


Treatment Plans

You can access medical services and specialists at your convenience and securely see treatment plans and lab results.


Medical Records

You can visit your dashboard to check on your medical records anytime, with information about your past precriptions.

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Complete The Consultation Form

Let our doctors know about your health, medical history, and symptoms

Receive 1-On-1 Care

See a doctor and receive a treatment plan customized to your needs within hours

Pharmacy Receives Prescription

We will provide the prescription that you can collect at your local pharmacy

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24hrDOC is the premier telehealth company. With 24hrDOC, there is no need to wait for long periods to see a doctor. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of healthcare for patients and their families.

24hrDOC is dedicated and focused on you, your physical and mental health, and your well-being through top-notch and convenient medical services! Benefit from affordable online doctor visits through our secure and dependable telehealth services.

Treatment for you

Here at 24hrDOC, we provide convenient, confidential, and quick online telehealth services. To start, select your medical condition.

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Answer a 5-minute online questionnaire

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The most affordable and uncomplicated online care

Explore Top Services And Save Up To 60% On Quality Telehealth Care. You Don’t Need Insurance To Pay These Unbeatable Prices. The Price You See Is The Price You Pay - Regardless Of Your Coverage. No Copays. No Membership Fees. No Insurance Needed.

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No more waiting to see a doctor for your health and medical needs. You can now get the most affordable online doctor visits through our telehealth services. Talk to a real doctor today for as low as $29. No copays. No hidden fees. No insurance needed

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24hrdoc is not a pharmacy. We do not carry or ship medicines. Online Doctor Prescriptions are sent electronically to your pharmacy after an online medical consultation.
Similar to a doctor's office, our consultation fee does not include the cost of your medication.

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