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Mental Treatments

Mental Health

Unlock quality mental health consultation and medication service at 24HrDOC, your gateway to online mental health treatment. Explore our online mental health counseling services from certified professionals.

online doctor for mental health treatments

Types of Mental Illnesses



Anxiety is a health condition characterized by worry, fear, or the feeling of restlessness. Anxiety can affect your overall well-being by hindering your ability to perform at your best in certain situations.


  • Restlessness
  • Fast heartbeats
  • Sweating, and problems in concentration.
  • Treatment

    Therapy (Online counseling), medication, and lifestyle changes.

    online doctor for mental health treatments
    online doctor for mental health treatments

    Access Online Mental Health Testing and Treatment Options

    Online therapy makes it easier for individuals to take charge of their mental health and get treatment in a way that fits their lives and budgets. 24HrDOC is a platform that helps you connect to a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist who fits your needs and lets you schedule your appointments according to your comfort.

    • Access professional support on the go
    • Have one-on-one conversations with highly qualified counselors
    • Get unparalleled support and assistance
    • Easy access to the right medication at your local pharmacy
    • Seek online therapy to overcome insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, and more

    How It Works

    24hrDOC provides exceptional professional care, personalized counseling, prescription medication from certified professionals, and unwavering support for you to reach your mental health goals. Experience peace of mind from the comfort of your home.

    1 - Complete Consultation Form

    Let us know your mental health condition, symptoms and history

    2 - Receive 1-On-1 Care

    Receive timely mental health advice and a treatment plan from expert doctors in just hours

    3 - Pharmacy Receives Prescription

    Convenient prescriptions- ready to pick up at a local pharmacy near you

    online doctor for mental health treatments
    online doctor for mental health treatments

    More on mental illness

    At 24HrDOC, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive virtual mental health care experience, round the clock. We have partnered with multiple experts to provide an extensive suite of remote mental health services, tailored to meet very specific needs. In three simple steps, you can get access to personalized care and mental health support from certified professionals within hours.

    Our platform is designed for ease of access and lets you communicate in your preferred mode of communication. 24HrDOC aims to improve your mental well-being and provide you unparalleled support, privacy, and convenience throughout your mental health journey.

    Discreet, Caring, Understanding and Non-Judgmental

    A healthy mental state helps you take charge of your life and empowers you to propel towards your goals without hindrances. With 24HrDOC, you can discuss your mental health symptoms confidentially in the comfort of your home and get prompt and effective treatment.


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