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Online prescription refills from licensed medical professionals.

  • visual elementGet your online medication refill promptly sent to your local pharmacy.
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Why Choose 24HrDOC?

We step in to fill the gap with online prescription refills in situations where your primary care provider isn't available. Our services are designed to provide prompt assistance when you need them most. Our accredited physicians can prescribe a range of medications, including antibiotics, contraceptives, antidepressants, blood pressure treatments, and more.
For more comprehensive care, we recommend you upload an image of the medication case, including all essential details such as name, dosage, and instructions. Get accessible and reliable online prescription services when you need them at 24HrDOC.

Who Benefits From Refilling Prescription Medication With The 24hrDOC?

  • visual elementPatients who need urgent medication refills or prescriptions and cannot reach their primary care doctor.
  • visual elementTraveling patients who have either run out or misplaced their medicines.
  • visual elementIndividuals who need a prescription outside their primary care provider's service hours.
Prescription refill
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Get Your Prescription Refill With Our Licensed Medical Professionals.

Online consultation is provided for prescription refill at your local pharmacy. We provide refills for already taken medication and new prescriptions. Simply complete a consultation form with one of our licensed medical providers and get your online medication refill sent to a pharmacy of your choice. During the consultation, let the provider know about any current medication you are taking or other over-the-counter medications you are currently using so we can provide the best service.

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    The 24hrDOC online prescription service can be accessed 24/7.

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    All you need is an electronic device to access our knowledgeable medical staff.

How To Consult A Doctor Online?

We've made the process easier than ever

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Complete Consultation Form

Tell us about your health condition, medical history, and symptoms.

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Receive 1-On-1 Care

Talk to a Doctor virtually and receive a treatment plan in just hours.

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Pharmacy Receives Prescription

Prescription is provided at your local pharmacy, and medicines are ready to be picked

Prescriptions Eligible and Not Eligible for Refill

At 24HrDOC, we do not engage in the sale or shipment of prescriptions. Our prescription policy excludes DEA-controlled substances, muscle relaxers, hormones, or other drugs that require close supervision.

Refills are treated as new conditions and initiated at the recommended starting dose in situations where:

  • visual elementWe Only Treat Our Patients When We Are Able Meet Medical Standard Of Care. Our Providers May Determine That It Is Better For You To Seek Urgent Medical Care Or In Person Office Visit Rather Than Use Our Telemedicine Platform. As A Result, We CANNOT Guarantee That We Will Write You A Prescription.
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  • visual elementThe use period is discontinued
  • visual elementThe prescription is from a non-U.S. pharmacy

Our commitment to meeting the medical standard of care guides our treatment decisions. Our professionals may determine that urgent medical care or an in-person visit may work better than using our telemedicine platform when appropriate.

While we cannot guarantee prescription issuance, if we are unable to deliver the promised treatment, a full refund will be issued. Our scope of treatment is limited to specific conditions listed in our services, diagnosed preemptively through our intake form. We adhere to telemedicine regulations across different states, which may require audio/video consultations based on your location.

We have patients who cannot get a prescription refill due to the following reasons:

  • visual elementAntibiotics that our doctors do not prescribe because the patient has been on them for the past month.
  • visual elementDrugs that our providers do not prescribe, for example: atomoxetine
  • visual elementDrugs that treat conditions that are not on the list of conditions we have on the website.

Prescription refill
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Similar to a doctor's office, our consultation fee does not include the cost of your medication.

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